UH Hilo COVID-19 Guidelines

VI. Housing, Services and Events

These guidelines are interim only and are subject to revision, until we can complete consultation with the unions.

Content updated May 17, 2023.

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A. Student Housing

Hale Kanilehua student housingEntrance to Kanilehua Student Housing In UH Hilo University Housing and Residence Life, our student’s health and safety remains our top priority. Policy and procedures to meet physical distancing guidelines have been modified.


Resident Check-In Day for Fall 2023 is Tuesday, August 15, 2023.

  • Students will only be allowed two (2) guests to assist you with your check-in. Students with more than two guests at the time of check in will not be allowed to proceed in the check-in building area.
  • Students must present a valid photo ID when they arrive at their check-in location.
  • Face masks are recommended but not required while in indoor public areas, including the indoor check-in areas.
  • We ask for your compliance with all posted signage and verbal instructions issued by the University Housing & Residence Life staff.

Common Areas

  • Face Masks may be required in all residence hall common spaces where physical distancing is difficult to maintain due to the number of persons in the space.
  • Face Masks are highly recommended in indoor and outdoor areas in the residence communities. This includes campus dining rooms and residence hall shared spaces such as community lounges, community kitchens, computer labs, study rooms, laundry rooms, etc.
  • Common areas are cleaned daily by a contracted vendor.


  • Shopping Shuttle Service: Shopping shuttles to Target, Walmart or Safeway are tentatively scheduled. May be subject to change.
  • For in-person programs offered by University Housing and Residence Life staff, University Housing and Residence Life staff and all residents are no longer required to adhere to physical distancing or masking. But, University Housing and Residence Life staff may enforce in high-risk situations.
  • Virtual programs or meetings will be offered for those residents wishing to participate in residence life programming while in the comfort and safety of their own room.


Health and Safety

  • Students in the residence community are no longer required to wear a face mask, but it is highly recommended for smaller, enclosed spaces such as student lounges, computer labs, laundry rooms, and community kitchens. It is the choice of the resident to choose to wear a mask or not.
  • High-touch areas and surfaces will be wiped down with disinfectant spray and/or disinfectant wipes by building staff throughout the day.
  • Staff will be expected to disinfect and sanitize office spaces and high-touch areas at the end of each shift.
  • Hydration stations are available for use.
  • Meetings and social activities hosted by University Housing & Residence Life will be offered to students as both in-person or virtual. It is up to the student resident whether or not they’d like to go to a meeting or event in-person or virtually.
  • Guest Policy: The University Housing Guest Policy has been revised:
    • No off-campus guests will be allowed in the residence halls and apartments.
    • No overnight guests will be allowed.
    • If a resident is actively moving out, the resident can have two (2) guests to assist with the move out. This may be subject to change.

B. Food Service at Events

  • If at all possible, eating or drinking occurs outside.
  • All forms of food service are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, buffets, self-service, potluck style, passed trays, served appetizers, beverage stations, standing and seated dining, in addition to individually boxed/prepackaged or plated food and drinks.
  • Use disposable food service items (e.g. , utensils, dishes) whenever feasible. If disposable items are not feasible or desirable, ensure that all non-disposable food service items are handled with gloves and washed with dish soap and hot water or in a dishwasher. Individuals must wash their hands after removing their gloves or after directly handling used food service items.

C. Student Services

  • Consistent with the university’s commitment to access, the services provided to students will be accessible to the greatest extent possible whether students are on campus or are studying remotely. Remote access to students should provide the same level of service as in-person offerings.
  • The university provides a digital platform (STAR Balance) that allows students to make appointments with some staff, advisors or faculty. Currently, appointments with the Advising Center can be made through STAR Balance. This platform permits students to consult with University personnel without the need to be on campus. This capability should permit students who cannot come to campus to still access faculty office hours, tutoring services, and advisors.
  • All Student Affairs departments will be providing student support and student engagement opportunities in-person and virtually. Students are encouraged to check department websites and announcements to verify the specific format of delivery for programs.
  • Student services and activities conducted in person shall adhere to all applicable guidelines relating to physical distancing, barriers, face coverings, sanitization and other considerations.

D. Events, Gatherings, and Activities (excluding classes)

Event planning may recommend mitigation components based on the status of the pandemic or based on the risk of event participants developing severe illness from COVID-19 if they were to contract the virus, including:

  • Wearing indoor masks for large, crowded events or events where there are many attendees at high-risk for becoming seriously ill from COVID-19 (i.e., kupuna, immunocompromised)
  • If at all possible, eating or drinking occurs outside.
  • If eating or drinking occurs indoors, placing masks back on when not actively eating or drinking and providing space between participants as much as possible.

Guidelines for Special Facilities (Athletics, ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center, Student Life Center, Campus Center, Performing Arts Center) may be found on the UH Hilo COVID site.

E. Use of Facilities by External (Non-university) Parties

  • External parties that are granted permission to share or use university facilities shall also follow these guidelines.