UH Hilo COVID-19 Guidelines

University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo COVID-19 Guidelines (Interim)

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These guidelines are interim only and are subject to revision, until we can complete consultation with the unions.

Aerial view of the signature red roofs of the UH Hilo campus and Hilo Bay in the background.

as of November 14, 2022

Table of Contents:

  1. I. Purpose and Scope
  2. II. Personal Safety Practices
    1. A. Not Permitted on Campus
    2. B. Hygiene and Respiratory Etiquette
    3. C. Masks
    4. D. Practice Physical Distancing
    5. E. Avoid All Non-Essential Travel
    6. F. Get a COVID-19 Vaccination
    7. G. Get a Flu Shot
  3. III. Institutional Safety Practices—Reporting, Monitoring, Screening For, and Managing Cases of COVID-19
    1. A. Campus Official(s) and Communication Protocols
    2. B. Campus Responsibilities to Clean and Disinfect in Cases of COVID-19 or Suspicion of COVID-19
    3. C. Education, Training and Signage
  4. IV. Facilities and Spaces
    1. A. Cleaning and Disinfection
    2. B. Ventilation
    3. C. Modified Layouts
    4. D. Physical Barriers and Guides
    5. E. Vehicle Use
  5. V. Scheduling of Classes
  6. VI. Housing, Services and Events
    1. A. Student Housing
    2. B. Food Service
    3. C. Student Services
    4. D. Events, Gatherings, and Activities (excluding classes)
    5. E. Use of Facilities by External (Non-university) Parties
  7. VII. Non-Discrimination/Harassment and Behavioral Health
    1. A. Non-Discrimination/Harassment
    2. B. Domestic Violence
  8. VIII. Promoting Wellness and Mental Health
    1. A. Coping with Stress
    2. B. Mental Health Resources
  9. Appendix - Area Hospitals and Clinics

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