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Last updated 17 August

Vaccination/Testing Mandate for Employees

On August 5, Governor Ige issued an Emergency Proclamation (PDF) which requires all State and county employees to attest to their departments whether they are fully vaccinated for COVID-19, partially vaccinated for COVID-19, or not vaccinated for COVID-19. "Fully vaccinated" is defined as two weeks have passed since an employee's second dose in a two-dose series or two weeks have passed since a single-dose vaccine. To comply with this requirement, employees are to upload their vaccination status to the Lumisight UH. Instructions for uploading vaccination status may be found at these links: Instructions for Lumisight UH app on iPhones Instructions for Lumisight UH web app. Please be aware that validation of the vaccination certification may take a few days before the information is reflected on your Lumisight App. For more info on Lumisight UH go to the FAQs.

In addition, the Governor ordered that employees who have not provided proof that they are either fully vaccinated, have completed a single-dose vaccine, or have completed the second dose of a two dose series, shall be subject to regular COVID-19 testing and may also be subject to restrictions on official travel. For the University, vaccination status must be provided through Lumisight UH by August 23. Employees who have not complied will be subject to weekly testing in order to report to campus. Weekly testing of an employee will continue until they reach "fully vaccinated" status and have uploaded the information into Lumisight UH.

The University is working on the testing protocol for employees, and it will be shared once finalized. Per the Governor's proclamation, employees not tested at a free testing site shall be responsible for any testing. Available testing in Hawai'i County may be found at the County Testing Website, which includes options for free and paid testing. If employees choose an alternative method of testing, the test must comply with State Department of Health (DOH) requirements. Acceptable DOH testing partners align with Safe Travels Hawai'i Trusted Testing and Travel Partners. At this time it is unlikely that over the counter testing kits will be acceptable.

Vaccination sites on Hawai'i may also be found on the County's vaccination site.

The campus must continue to abide by system and campus guidelines at all times. As a reminder, check in to the Lumisight UH app prior to coming to campus, do not report to campus if you are feeling sick, and report positive cases through the UH Hilo Campus Security Office at (808) 974-7911.

Reporting Off-Island Travel

Reporting off-island travel is no longer required. Please continue to take all precautions to keep yourself safe and healthy and get a vaccine if you have not already. In addition to helping keep our campus safe, the vaccine will facilitate travel both inter-island and out-of-state for anyone who wishes to go. University-funded travel will still require permission, as it is still subject to the budget freeze.

General Employee Information

Faculty Teaching Resources

Accessibility Considerations

When moving to online teaching, it is essential that materials made available online are accessible to all users, including those using screen readers or other assistive technology. The Accessibility at UH page has several resources to help with this process, including Online Accessibility Training covering topics such as caption and instructional design.

General Guidelines

For Staff On Campus

  • Complete your Lumisight UH check-in prior to coming to campus.
  • Please continue to practice healthy behaviors: hand washing, social distancing, etc.

For Staff and Non-instructional Faculty Teleworking

  • Be sure to fill out the telework form and consult with your supervisor on a workplan. Remember to complete a workplan within 5 days of starting your working from home.
  • Please use the new category in the online leave system to record those days you are teleworking as well. This will help us apply for federal funding that may be available.
  • If you need to come to campus as part of a rotation system in your unit or to pick up materials, open mail, etc., please observe social distancing and wash your hands frequently.
  • Make sure your supervisor knows if you will be on campus and in the office. We want to be able to tell security and maintenance/custodial staff which buildings are being used and how often.

For Instructional Faculty

  • You do not need to fill out the telework form.
  • Please do let your dean and department chair know if you will be coming in and approximately how often so that we can inform security and maintenance/custodial staff.
  • If you come onto campus, practice safe behaviors: social distancing, and hand washing, etc.
  • Department meetings, work on accreditation issues, and other regular business may be accomplished remotely.

For Everyone

  • Get vaccinated. Wear masks following posted guidelines.
  • When not at work, limit your exposure to the public: practice physical distancing when out in the community, wash your hands frequently.
  • If you are sick, stay home and let your supervisor know. Follow the advice of medical professionals.
  • Take good care of your families and stay connected with loved ones.
  • Check your email and the COVID-19 website for hours of facilities and offices and other important updates.