Conditions Of Use

Use of Data & Imagery

We have gone to a great length in order to provide easily accessible coral health data and we only ask that you credit the source when using our material.

All maps, data, graphs, and narrative material available on this web site are subject to the following conditions.

All color and isohyet Coral Health Atlas images presented here are available for reproduction and distribution. The map source must be included in any reproduction.
Gridded Map and Tabular Data
All gridded and tabular data and all other data presented here are available for reproduction and distribution for non-commercial use. The data source must be prominently stated whenever presenting these data in any form or any product derived in whole or part from these data.
Crediting the Source
Any reproduction or use of the images, maps, graphs, data, other information, or any product derived in whole or part from these data must credit the source in the following manner:

“Burns JHR, Takabayashi M, Gates RD, Gregg TM, Frazier M, Turner N, Best M, Miyagi K, and Delparte D (2012) The Coral Health Atlas of Hawai‘i.

Sponsors of the Coral Health Atlas of Hawaiʻi
The Coral Health Atlas of Hawai‘i was developed with funding from EPSCoR (NSF Grant No. EPS-0903833) and CREST (NSF Grant No. 0833211). See the Affiliates page for detailed funding information.
No Warranty
We have made every effort to make all images, maps, graphs, data, and other information provided on this web site accurate and error-free. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy of any images, maps, graphs, data, or other information. All content is provided without warranty of any kind.

Our Research

Microscope; Illustration: Noun Project

Information on various methods used to research coral health

Interactive Map

Map Marker; Illustration: Noun Project

Explore and compare data between sites, species, or by specific diseases

Coral Health

Waves; Illustration: Noun Project

Information about Coral Health and why it is important