Inclusion of the Registrar’s office in the early curriculum review process rather than at the faculty curriculum review committees level


  • Whereas, curriculum proposals and modification requests go through several levels of review before being reviewed by the Campus-wide Curriculum Review Committee of Faculty Congress, and then are sent back for alpha, numbering and syntax changes when there is not enough time for the proposer to make revisions before the Registrar’s final deadline.
  • Whereas, it would be more appropriate for the Registrar’s delegate to make requests for alpha, numbering and syntax revisions at an earlier stage in the curriculum review process.
  • Whereas, members of the Campus-wide Curriculum Review Committee may change yearly so that institutional history concerning process and method can be lost from year to year.
  • Therefore, it is recommended, that the Registrar’s Office be included in the initial review of new and modified curriculum items by the Curriculum Coordinator, in the Academic Affairs Curriculum Office. Recommendations from the Registrar’s Office for catalog entry, formatting, syntax, numbering errors and conflicts will be addressed prior to submission to the faculty curriculum review committees. It is further recommended that a curriculum representative from the Academic Affairs Curriculum Office be invited as an ex-officio member of the Faculty Congress Curriculum Review Committee to maintain the institutional memory of the curriculum process.

  • UH Hilo Faculty Congress Vote: Yes – 15, No – 0, Abstain - 0

  • Motion sent to Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs November 24, 2014.

  • Motion approved January 23, 2015 by Chancellor who directed VCAA Platz and VCSA Makuakane-Lundin to implement