General Education Committee

The Congress will appoint a General Education Standing Committee of no fewer than five faculty members and one student representative. The Congress will also appoint a faculty member to chair this committee. This committee shall be charged with advising the Congress on all matters relating to campus-wide General Education, developing policies and procedures for implementing and monitoring General Education, including certifying and re-certifying courses, and undertaking regular assessments of the effectiveness of General Education. The General Education Committee will work with the Assessment Support Committee and other appropriate constituencies to produce periodic assessments and evaluations of the quantity and quality of UH Hilo General Education.

The General Education Committee will also advise Congress on all matters relating to the campus-wide Writing Intensive requirement, including maintaining all UH System Writing Intensive policies, developing campus policies and procedures for implementing and monitoring Writing Intensive that include certification and re-certification of WI courses, and undertaking regular assessment, sometimes in collaboration with the Assessment Support Committee, of the effectiveness of Writing Intensive education.

Members shall serve two-year staggered terms. The Congress Chair may negotiate a two-course release reduction per academic year with the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs for the chair of this committee, depending on the committee's agenda for the upcoming year. Terms of office will be overlapped so that each year half the membership will be replaced to provide continuity from year to year.

Members 2017-2018

  • Amy Saxton, Chair, Librarian
  • Yumiko Ohara, KHUOK
  • Karla Hayashi, Kilohana
  • Jonathon Price, CAS (Geography)
  • Jennifer Wheat, CAS (English)
  • Jeffrey Smith (History)

Documents and Reports, 2017-2018

Members, 2016-2017


Documents and Reports, 2016-2017


Members, 2015-2016

  • Yumiko Ohara, Chair, Ka Haka ‘Ula
  • Karla Hayashi, CAS
  • Jeffrey Smith, CAS
  • Jonathan Price, CAS
  • Thora Abarca, Library
  • Amy Saxton, Library
  • Armando García-Ortega, CAFNRM
  • Hazel Reece, Nursing
  • Abraham Jose, Student representative

Reports, 2015-2016

Members, 2014-2015

  • Michael Bitter, Chair, CAS
  • Thora Abarca, Library
  • Armando Garcia-Ortega, CAFNRM
  • Karla Hayashi, CAS
  • Yumiko Ohara, KHU
  • Amy Saxton, Library
  • Jeffrey Smith, CAS

Reports, 2014-2015

Members, 2013-2014

  • Michael Bitter, Chair, CAS
  • Thora Abarca, Library
  • Karla Hayashi, CAS
  • Yumiko Ohara, KHU
  • Keisuke Nakao, CoBE

Reports, 2013-2014

Members, 2012-2013

  • Todd Belt, Chair, CAS
  • Vera Parham, CAS
  • Thora Abarca, Library
  • Sue Jarvi, CoP
  • Norman Arancon, CAFNRM
  • Yumiko Ohara, CHL
  • Karla Hayashi, CAS
  • Keisuke Nakao, CoBE

Reports, 2012-2013

Members 2011-2012

  • Todd Belt, Chair (CAS Social Sciences)
  • Vera Parham
  • Seri Luangphinith
  • John Price
  • Norman Arancon
  • Gene Johnson
  • Sue Jarvi
  • Amy Saxton
  • April Scazzola
  • Yumiko Ohara

Reports 2011-2012

Members 2010-2011

  • Elizabeth Stacy, Chair (CAS Natural Science)
  • Gene Johnson (replaced Em DePillis half-way through year)
  • Jonathan Price
  • Amy Saxton
  • Yumiko Ohara
  • Vera Parham
  • Jean Ippolito
  • Norman Arancon

Members, 2009-2010

  • Jean Ippolito, Chair (CAS Humanities)
  • Marilyn Brown, Secretary (CAS Social Sciences), Spring 2010
  • Matt Haslam (CAS Humanities), Fall 2009
  • Yumiko Ohara (CHL)
  • Amy Saxton (Library), Spring 2010
  • Norman Arancon (CAFNRM)
  • Emmeline de Pillis (COBE)
  • Elizabeth Stacy (CAS Natural Science)
  • Jean Bezilla, Student Representative, Spring 2010
  • April Komenaka Scazzola (ex-officio advisor)

Members, 2008 - 2009

  • Regina Titunik (Social Sciences), Chair
  • April Komenaka Scazzola (CCECS)
  • Bruce Mathews (CAFNRM)
  • Emmeline DePillis (COBE)
  • Karla McDermid (Natural Sciences)
  • Seri Luangphinith (Humanities)

Reports, 2008 - 2009

Memo From Chancellor Tseng regarding General Education Certification Committee dated 5/30/2008:

May 30, 2008

Memo To:   

Regina Titunik, CAS Social Science

Karla McDermid, CAS Natural Science

Seri Luangphinith, CAS Humanities

Emmeline de Pillis, COBE

Bruce Mathews, CAFNRM

April Komenaka, Dean, CCECS

From:  Rose Tseng, Chancellor

Subject: Appointees of General Education Certification Committee

At the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Faculty Congress, I am happy to appoint you to the General Education Certification Committee.  Because of the work that lies ahead this summer and fall, I am awarding one course released time (or overload pay) in the Fall Semester 2008 to each of the five faculty members on the committee.

We all recognize that an effective General Education program is of critical importance to lower-division students at UH Hilo.  In response to recommendations made in 2004 by WASC in its action letter, Faculty Congress reviewed UH Hilo’s approach to General Education, strengthened the emphasis on student outcomes, and introduced extensive writing requirements.  This new proposal was put to a faculty vote in Spring 2008 and received 60 per cent approval.  In developing this proposal, the General Education Committee worked with the Faculty Congress Admissions and Student Success Committees and the First-Year Experience Study Group.  Their work was supported by data from the Institutional Research Officer.  This new proposal also has benefitted from recent campus visits by nationally-recognized experts in student assessment and student success such as Dr. Mary Allen and Dr. George Kuh.

The committee has two charges:

  • To meet with department and division chairs and deans and provide guidelines, timelines, and samples of core-course student learning outcomes and assessment measures, in accordance with the final General Education proposal.
  • To review in the Fall Semester 2008 all courses proposed for General Education credit and to certify those that meet the student learning outcomes for General Education.

I am asking Regina Titunik and April Komenaka to convene the committee this summer as soon as practicable.  We look forward to having the committee implement and complete the certification process during the Fall Semester.  By January 2009 a list of certified General Education courses should be available.  Thank you for participating in this important endeavor.

c: Phil Castille, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Barbara Leonard, Faculty Congress Chair

Reports, 2007 - 2008

Members, 2007 - 2008

  • Regina Titunik (Social Sciences), Chair
  • Todd Belt (Social Science)
  • Tom DeWitt (COBE)
  • Bruce Matthews (College of Agriculture)
  • Seri Luangphinith (Humanities)
  • Hiapo Perreira (CHL)
  • Student member TBA

Reports, 2006-2007

Members, 2006-2007

  • Philippe Binder (Nat Sciences; Chair)
  • Marilyn Brown (Social Science)
  • Todd Belt (Social Science)
  • Jean Ippolito (Humanities)
  • Mike Shintaku (College of Agriculture)
  • Pila Wilson (CHL)
  • Jerry Calton (COBE)
  • Melissa Benfer (Student)
  • Kristi Temple (Student)
  • Eddie Johns (Student)
  • Kainoa Ariola (Student Affairs)
  • Thora Abaraca (Library)

Reports, 2005-2006

Members, 2005-2006

  • Marilyn Brown, Chair
  • Thora Abarca, Library (1st year of term)
  • Tausilia Amoa, COBE Student
  • Kainoa Ariola, OSA (1st year of term)
  • Todd Belt, CAS (1st year of term)
  • Philippe Binder, CAS (1st year of term)
  • Beau Butts, CAS Student
  • Jonathan Groelz, CAFNRM Student
  • Hank Hennessey, COBE (2nd year of term)
  • Jean Ippolito, CAS (1st year of term)
  • Pua Rossi, CHL Student
  • Michael Shintaku, CAFNRM (1st year of term)
  • Pila Wilson, CHL (1st year of term)
  • Anneliese Worster, CAS (2nd year of term)

Reports, 2004-2005

Members, 2004-2005

  • April Komenaka, Chair (2nd year of term)
  • Thora Abarca, Library (2nd year of term)
  • Michael Bitter, CAS (2nd year of term)
  • Olga Cordero Brana, CAS (2nd year of term)
  • Hank Hennessey, CBE (1st year of term)
  • J.P. Michaud, CAS (2nd year of term)
  • Kalena Silva, CHL (2nd year of term)
  • Ginger Takeshita, Student (2nd year of term)
  • Anneliese Worster, CAS (1st year of term)

Members, 2003-2004

  • April Komenaka, Chair
  • Pila Wilson, CHL
  • Sandra Wagner-Wright, CAS
  • Olga Cordero-Brana, CAS
  • Mike Shintaku, CAFNRM
  • Michael Bitter, CAS
  • Jean-Pierre Michaud, CAS
  • Thora Abarca, Library
  • Karlen Suga, Student