Faculty Congress Budget Committee

The Congress will appoint a Budget Standing Committee composed of eight faculty members (one from each CAS Division/School, one from the College of Agriculture, one from the College of Hawaiian Language, one from the Office of Student Affairs and one from the Library). The Congress will also appoint a faculty member to serve as chair of this committee. The Committee shall be charged with:

  • assuring that all information concerning current budgets, resource allocation and processes used to develop future budgets are widely available to all members of the UH Hilo community and
  • representing the UH Hilo faculty and participating with UH Hilo administration in the development of future budgets and resource allocation. Specifically, the Chair of the Committee and one other faculty Committee member selected by the Committee shall, with the agreement of the UH Hilo administration, participate in those decision-making processes leading to the development of budgets and resource allocation priorities.

Members shall serve for two-year staggered terms. In recognition of the duties and responsibilities associated with this office, the University shall grant the Chair a course reduction of not less than one course per semester. Terms of office will be overlapped so that each year half the membership shall be replaced to provide continuity from year to year.

Members 2018-2019


Members 2017-2018

  • Armando Garcia, Chair
  • Comfort Sumida
  • Kalena Silva
  • Dr. Randy Hirokawa
  • Dr. Yucheng Qin

Reports and Documents 2017-2018

  • October - No report submitted
  • November 2017 Budget Committee Report
  • November 2018 Budget Committee Report