Academic Policy Committee

The Congress will appoint an Academic Policy Standing Committee that should have broad general membership from across various units. The Congress will appoint a member to serve as Chair of a standing Academic Policy Committee. The chair will select no fewer than five faculty members and one student representative to serve for the ensuing academic year, and their selection will be subject to the approval of Congress. If feasible, the Committee should be comprised of at least one representative from each college at UH Hilo. The purview of this committee will be undergraduate academic policy issues affecting more than one college. These may include, but are not limited to, policy on student enrollment, grading, classification, degree requirements, academic honesty, and disability services and compliance. Agenda items will be routed to the committee through the Chair of Congress. The Chair of Congress may negotiate with the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs for a course reduction for the chair of this committee.

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Member, 2017-2018

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