Office of the Chancellor

FY 2018 Strategic Deployment of Resources

DRAFT 5.24.17

Position Control

  • Continue strategic deployment of positions to
    1. high demand areas,
    2. emerging opportunities such as data science, health and wellness, agribusiness or
    3. as part of our mission to serve Hawaiʻi

Enrollment Management

  • Create student success leadership team by filling AVC Academic Affairs and AVC Student Affairs and deferring other executive positions
  • Enhance Enrollment Services with additional Admissions counselor
  • Establish CC Pathways especially with Hawaiʻi CC e.g. Art, Agriculture

New Student Success

  • Integrate First-Year Experience components into single unit focused on serving freshmen and transfer students
  • Create Transfer Success Center to support transfer students from application to graduation
  • Invest in additional advisors to support students during their degree journey

Reorganize for enrollment management

  • Create two smaller colleges from the College of Arts and Sciences, removing a layer between faculty and dean and facilitating direct connection and communication
  • Redirect savings to college-led student success initiatives

Focus on residential housing in the student experience and engagement

  • Enhance housing leadership by filling Associate Housing Director position to develop comprehensive residential life programming that connects students with campus
  • Invest in residential housing facilities such as a/c design and construction, renovated floor coverings

Teaching and Learning Spaces

  • Create Data Visualization classroom for use in foundational mathematics courses and a summer bridge mathematics/data science program
  • Create 21st Century flexible teaching-learning spaces in 1970s classroom building

Use of the Reserve

  • Student housing capital expenses