Building on skill set learned doing research as undergraduate at UH Hilo, Tino Wells is now working at national research institution

At the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Tino Wells is working on machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence, or AI, that involves the development of computer programs that can access data and use it to learn for themselves. The know-how on researching and creating those computer programs is the skill set the national lab values in Wells.

Only at UH Hilo: How a budding environmental scientist is adding global language revitalization and documentary filmmaking to her toolbox  

In 2018, a group of performing arts students at UH Hilo performed children’s tales for local schoolchildren, all in ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i (Hawaiian language). Inspired by this and other language revitalization efforts she witnessed in Sweden, an environmental science major is producing a documentary film on the global movement to revitalize indigenous languages.