‘Imiloa’s planetarium technician Emily Peavy just earned her M.Ed. from UH Hilo, her thesis published in planetarium journal

For her master’s thesis, nine-year ‘Imiloa veteran Emily Peavy conducted research on the efficacy of two different styles of teaching the public in a planetarium setting: interactive with a presenter, and passive with a movie. Participants in the study rated the educational and entertainment value of these two forms of programming.

UH Hilo kinesiology and exercise sciences program receives national award for inclusive excellence and diversity

The American Kinesiology Association’s Inclusive Excellence Award recognizes academic programs that exemplify the core principles of inclusive excellence and diversity. The 2019-2020 award honors the commitment of the UH Hilo program to inclusiveness through its recruitment, retention, hiring, curriculum development, and administrative structure.

#808NoVape! UH Hilo students join forces with local health institute to raise awareness about dangers of vaping

Despite warnings about serious health risks, Hawai‘i high school students vape at twice the national rate—experts say this may be due to the large amount of radio advertising by the tobacco industry. A group of health students from UH Hilo are taking on the information battle with radio spots, a video, and informational materials for parents.