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Four people standing fro photo: Tracy Wiegner, Bryan Tonga, Karla McDermid and Steven Cobert. Standing in front of trees.

UH Hilo graduate student Bryan Tonga initiates first comprehensive study ever done on nearshore water quality in Micronesia

Findings from Tonga’s research will contribute vital information to climate adaptation efforts in Pohnpei and other tropical Pacific island nations, allowing them to better manage their coastal waters, improve water quality, and reduce damage to coral reefs in the face of climate change in the region.

Group of students in radio recording room.

#808NoVape! UH Hilo students join forces with local health institute to raise awareness about dangers of vaping

Despite warnings about serious health risks, Hawai‘i high school students vape at twice the national rate—experts say this may be due to the large amount of radio advertising by the tobacco industry. A group of health students from UH Hilo are taking on the information battle with radio spots, a video, and informational materials for parents.