Photos: 2023 Barrio Fiesta

The Barrio Fiesta, held on UH Hilo campus, is a bright and lively event to bring the Filipino-American community together in Hilo.

Two dancers, seated.
The Hilo Vasayan Club kicks off the fiesta with dramatic performances to Filipino songs. (Alexi Jimeno/Ke Kalahea)

 By Alexi Jimeno.

The Filipino community of Hilo organized and celebrated the Barrio Fiesta for all to enjoy on Saturday, Oct. 14 at Campus Center Plaza. The event was a tribute to Filipino-American History Month, which is observed in October.

Groups such as the Hilo Visayan Club, Fil-Am Community of East Hawai‘i, Samahang Bayanihan Club of Kea‘au High School, and the Tony Ramos Kajukenbo Martial Arts students demonstrated a variety of traditional Philippine dances and performances. There was also a display of Indigenous Filipino clothing and artifacts designed by Iris Gil Viacrusis, as well as a historical exhibit about Filipino labor and the sakadas of Hawaiʻi by Romel Dela Cruz and Kurt Dela Cruz. To top it off, Bali‘z Food Wagon served authentic Filipino food such as pancit and pork adobo.

Overall, it was a bright and lively way to bring the Filipino-American community together in Hilo.

Two martial artists in combat with sticks.
Students from Tony Ramos Kajukenbo Martial Arts demonstrate Filipino stick fighting. (Alexi Jimeno/Ke Kalahea)
Woman in red holds up her long metal nails.
A student models Iris Gil Viacrusis design of janggay, a set of extended brass or silver fingernails. (Alexi Jimeno/Ke Kalahea)
Three students model traditional clothing.
Student models exhibit Iris Gil Viacrusis designs of Indigenous Filipino clothing. (Alexi Jimeno/Ke Kalahea)
Two dancers stepping through moving bamboo sticks.
Members of the Hilo Visayan Club perform a traditional Philippine folk dance called tinikling. (Alexi Jimeno/Ke Kalahea)

This photo story was originally published at Ke Kalahea, the student newspaper at University of Hawai‘i at Hilo.

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