Watch: Scary Scenarios 2023

This year, viewers will encounter mermaids and monsters, and everything in between. 

Still from video Scary Scenarios 2023, image of skull with coral and jewelry and an old fashioned diver's helmet.

Each year, the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo Department of Performing Arts and the UH Hilo Performing Arts Center collaborate to bring a new batch of Halloween-themed characters and stories to the community, for free, online.

This year, viewers will encounter mermaids and monsters, and everything in between.

Performances by students of DRAMA 221 (Beginning Acting):

      • Mia McGrath (Space Alien Halloween; and the song: No One Else)
    • Gracie McMullen (Yee Haw at the Adolphus)
    • Jack Fuqua (Cockroach Gone Rogue)
    • Lucas Bonner (The Face at the Window)
    • Wainohia Peloso (Cavia Porcellus)
    • Joshua Bradley (Scaled Down)
    • Azaria Evans (Lone Slave)
    • Aurora Stefoff (Francine LaFrankenstein)
    • Cameron Johnson (Close Encounter of the First Kind)
    • Leelu Mitchell (Don’t Eat the Mermaids)
    • Yume Iwashita (A Mermaid’s Tail)
    • Zuko Kalvaitis (A Pirate’s Tale)
    • Elijah Kochenback (Dumped)
    • Alyxia Barrios (“Ghosts I’ve Known” from Secrets of My Soul)
    • Kawika Reveira (Hope Springs Eternal, from the “Girl on the Bus” series)
    • Isabella Noll (Menehune)
    • Henri Heidecker (Night Marchers of Kamiloiki)
    • Quintin Allen (‘Īlio)
    • Joseph Barnes (No Bones About It)
    • Cate Weathermon (The Crying Statue)

Singers from MUSIC114 (University Chorus):

    • Johstin Kyle Andres
    • Bryce Bonicacio
    • Zachary Bulcao-Moore
    • Alyssa Chiquita
    • Charlotte Dadzie
    • Dane Dupre
    • Kelsey Fernald
    • Edward Fukushima
    • James-Henry Heidecker
    • Mellanwut Kaiko
    • Ryan Kyllo
    • Aralye Lie
    • Letrice “Leelu” Mitchell
    • Teiya Myers
    • Eddie Reyes Perez
    • Julia Polloi
    • Mark Rebellon
    • Keely Rooker
    • Natsuka Sadoya

Made possible by the support of DRAM280 & DRAM364 Technical Theatre students:

    • Jordan Ancheta
    • Savannah Christensen
    • Dane Dupre
    • Lucky Lemieux
    • Tori Matsumoto
    • Olivia Berndt
    • Lucas Bonner
    • Jorrel Calzo
    • Leelu (Letrice) Mitchell
    • Keaheakekehau Ross
    • Hokulani Thomas
    • Ren Pollock


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