UH Hilo intramural sports build friendships, community, and lasting memories. Come join in!

The best part of intramural sports at UH Hilo is that whether or not a participant comes with friends, they will always leave with some.

Volleyball team photo taken on the court.
Winners of the Spring 2022 Intramural Volleyball Championship (Courtesy photo)

By Maisie Paulson.

Looking to get involved with sports on campus? Check out University of Hawai‘i at Hilo intramural sports!

Monday through Friday, students and staff are welcome to participate in intramural sports provided through the Department of Campus Recreation. Unsure of what intramural sports are? The campus recreation website states that “intramural sports are competitive and recreational activities designed to encourage participation by students in a wide variety of sports that are played on campus. Intramural sports are structured for a variety of different skill levels, are inclusive in nature, and are conducted in a safe, supervised environment.”

Chelbie-Lyn Hanohano Flemming pictured.
Chelbie-Lyn Hanohano Flemming (Courtesy photo)

Chelbie-Lyn Hanohano-Flemming became the intramural coordinator at the UH Hilo campus recreation department in 2014 after graduating with a bachelor of science in sports management from Quincy University where she played NCAA Division II volleyball. She says she loves her job at UH Hilo because she can still be involved in sports as they have always been a big part of her life.

“I enjoy sports, I enjoy the intensity and people really getting into the game, the competitiveness, all of that,” she says. “It really builds that comradery that goes into why intramurals exist here for all students.”

There’s something for everyone: Games, friendships, a safe space

There are a wide variety of sports offered for participants. The current schedule (click here and scroll down for schedule) for intramural sports runs every weeknight from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. Indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, and pickleball are the nightly sports of this semester.

      • Mondays: Basketball
      • Tuesdays: Volleyball
      • Wednesdays: Indoor Soccer
      • Thursdays: Dodgeball, Pickle Ball and Bags a.k.a. “Corn Ball”
      • Fridays: Basketball and Volleyball

The staff is also always looking for recommendations and suggestions for a new intramural sport as well. Ideas can be sent to Campus Recreation!

Dodgeball team photo taken on the court.
Winners of the Spring 2022 Intramural Dodgeball Championship (Courtesy photo)

The UH Hilo intramural sports program also hosts sports tournaments throughout the semester for each sport, where participants can compete in teams. The next upcoming tournament will be 5-on-5 basketball on Monday, Oct. 17. The staff is still welcoming sign ups online.

Members of the UH Hilo community, regardless of skill level, are welcome to come and participate.

Arasi Faamausili pictured
Arasi Faamausili (Maisie Paulson/UH Hilo Stories)

Arasi Faamausili, intramural staff member, emphasizes how intramural sports can be a great outlet for students.

“It gives them a free space to hang out and to relieve stress,” she says. “They can also come here to find new friends because it is such a friendly, diverse community. It really is a safe space.”

Faamausili says she has found a community herself just being part of the staff and finding an opportunity to stay involved in sports, especially those that are native to her island and Samoan culture.

The staff emphasizes that not only are UH Hilo students welcome, but staff throughout campus and any member of the Student Life Center are welcome as well. Participants can either join with a team or as a “free agent” or individual.

The best part is that whether or not a participant comes with friends, they will always leave with some.

Vinny Venuti pictured in baseball cap.
Vinny Venuti (Maisie Paulson/UH Hilo Stories)

Marine science major Vinny Venuti began coming to intramural sports after some friends told him about it. He thought it would be a great way to make friends and stay involved with sports he’s played while growing up.

“Intramural sports really brings people together under sports that they enjoy playing together,” he says. “I’ve definitely met a lot of friends, especially people I don’t normally see on campus.”

Lots of ways to get involved: Play, referee, support, have fun!

Not only are there opportunities to play sports with intramural sports, but there are opportunities to referee as well. If Student Life Center members are interested in becoming involved with sports, but playing may not be a fit for them, staff encourages them to reach out to Campus Recreation to referee!

Hema Asiata pictured
Hema Asiata (Maisie Paulson/UH Hilo Stories)

“We always want students to feel there is a way for them to be involved with the intramural community,” staff member Hema Asiata says. Asiata joined the staff when in search of a job last year. He jumped on the opportunity as he felt it was a good way to get involved on campus and work for the school.

Members of the program also host other types of fun games that Intramural Coordinator Hanohano-Flemming says tend to be at the end of spring semester and entail a wide variety of activities from kayak racing in the pool to tug of war. The series of games is limitless! The staff just want to encourage having fun and bring people together to build lasting memories.

Come one, come all

Hanohano-Flemming urges anyone who hasn’t attended yet to join the intramural community.

“You don’t need to have any experience at all, it is all for fun, and everyone is welcome,” she says. “We try our best to really make everyone feel comfortable. You can just come say hi to someone and jump on a team, it is as easy as that!”

She says she hopes to continue to provide a sense of home and community as “that is the most important thing you can do for a student and especially an overall goal for UH Hilo.”

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By Maisie Paulson (B.A. in Psychology and B.A. in Administration of Justice, 2022).

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