UH News Image of the Week: Endangered ʻakepa honeycreeper by UH Hilo student Saxony Charlot

UH Hilo environmental studies major Saxony Charlot drew the ‘akepa with ‘ohelo berries, partially inspired by her experiences in the field, but also inspired by a biologist who suggested this lesser-known ecological pairing.

ʻAkepa with ʻohelo berries pictured.
ʻAkepa by Saxony Charlot

This week’s UH System News Image of the Week is from University of Hawai‘i at Hilo’s Saxony Charlot, an undergraduate student in environmental studies. Over the summer, Charlot conducted research with UH Hilo’s Listening Observatory for Hawaiian Ecosystems laboratory or LOHE Lab, and from her field work was artistically inspired by the ecological pairing of the ‘akepa honeycreeper with ‘ohelo berries.

Saxony Charlot pictured
Saxony Charlot

“Over the summer I had the opportunity to spend time in Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge through my work at the LOHE Lab at UH Hilo,” says Charlot, who helped with ongoing bioacoustics projects focused on recording bird species in the area, including endangered Hawaiian honeycreepers.

“I was able to see endemic birds that I have wanted to see for many years, including ‘akepa, which quickly stole my heart,” she says. “I drew this ‘akepa with ‘ohelo berries, partially inspired by my experiences in the field, and also inspired by a biologist who suggested this lesser-known ecological pairing.”

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