Message from the Chancellor: Our Kuleana This Weekend

Vaccinated or unvaccinated, it is STILL all of #OurKuleana. Remember it’s important that we all keep up our responsible behavior.


Chancellor Irwin wearing a mask.
Bonnie D. Irwin, #OurKuleana Campaign

Yesterday I participated in a social media campaign in which many community leaders posted selfies with the caption, “Vaccinated or unvaccinated, it is STILL all of #OurKuleana.” I am proud of our campus community for acting responsibly and staying safe. Our COVID cases on campus are fewer in number than those of the community at large, and I am grateful that you are all setting a good example. We want to continue to protect our campus community.

The upcoming three-day weekend is time for us to relax and recharge, and I hope you all find opportunity to do so, but remember that it is important that we all keep up our responsible behavior: avoid large groups, practice physical distancing, wear your mask when you are with people outside your immediate household, and wash your hands, frequently.

We have had a successful start to the Fall 2021 term, and we want to make sure we end as strong as we started.

My best wishes to everyone for the holiday weekend and for a successful September!


Bonnie D. Irwin