Vulcan teams give back to the local community, from farm to kitchen

Vulcan athletes are harvesting crops at local farms, and cooking up a storm for residents in recovery home.Three images of students on farms and in kitchen.

Feel the love. Athletes at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo, who have had their sports season put on hold due to the pandemic, have now transformed their disappointment into good deeds for the community.

The women’s soccer team picked 200 pounds of coffee beans at O.K. Farms in Hilo on Saturday. O.K. Farms is a scenic ranch of over 1,000 acres that produces coffee, macadamia nuts, lychee, longan, citrus, cacao, heart of palm and a wide variety of tropical fruits and spices. Complete with scenic overlooks and hiking trails, O.K. Farms also includes a world-class soccer field where the Vulcans sometimes practice. The harvested beans will be milled and roasted at Trust’s Ka‘u Coffee Mill Hawai‘i.

On Sunday, the soccer team helped prepare brunch at the Hawai‘i Island Home for Recovery, a facility that provides safe housing for people in need who desire to live free of alcohol and illegal substances. The Vulcans served up a Sunday brunch of chicken salad, grilled cheese sandwiches, papaya, and fruit cups. Diamond Head Papaya donated the fruit for the brunch.

The Vulcan women’s tennis team cooked and served breakfast at the recovery home on Saturday. Residents enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes, sausage, spam, eggs and apples. The effort was coordinated in part by the Rotary Club of Hilo as one of its many community service projects.

“What a great example of leadership and teamwork that these athletes are showing by helping to prepare meals for the residents of the HIHFR,” says Rotary member Wally Wong. “It is an inspiration to all, knowing that UH Hilo has created an opportunity for their students to serve in their community during this pandemic.”

Recently, Vulcan athletes harvested 15,000 ears of corn, part of a partnership between the university and California & Hawaii Foliage Growers, Inc. The corn was delivered to a local food bank.

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