WATCH: COVID-19 information for UH students and others who are required to come to campus

Let’s get through this semester safe and sound! From University of Hawai‘i News, watch “In the Age of COVID-19,” all about the requirements for those who must come to any UH campus or off-campus facility, e.g. essential workers and students taking clinical or lab courses.

On Aug. 20, 2020, University of Hawaii at Hilo Chancellor Bonnie Irwin announced that all hybrid/hyflex modality courses that do not require a face-to-face component be conducted entirely online for the fall semester.

But there are classes that have a face-to-face required component (i.e. clinical and lab courses), and those classes will be the only classes held physically on campus. Even these sections have been asked that those face-to-face components be delayed until week three of the semester to give the neighbor island students who are not already here the opportunity to arrive and complete quarantine.

For those who are required to come to campus, whether students or essential workers, the above video explains the protocols that have been put in place throughout the 10-campus UH System to keep everyone safe.