Photos: 2020 International Nights, UH Hilo students share their cultures through song and dance

One campus community, two nights of song and dance from around the world!  

Banner: University of Hawaii at Hilo 45th Annual International Nights
Banner courtesy UH Hilo International Student Services.

2020 International Nights, produced by the International Student Association at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo, was held this past Friday and Saturday at the UH Hilo Performing Arts Center. The two nights of performances featured the university’s international students sharing the songs and dances of their homelands. This was the 45th Annual International Nights, continuing a beautiful tradition for UH Hilo’s students to share their cultures.

Photos by Raiatea Arcuri (click to enlarge)

In order of appearance, Feb 21, 2020

Japan: Taishoji Taiko

Taiko drummers


Pohnpei, FSM: Pohnpei Kaselehlie Club

Male dancers in grass skirts and head dresses.


Japan: Japanese Student Association

Single female dancer crouching with arm extended.


Kosrae, FSM: Kosrae Hilo Organization

Female dancers seated on stage, male with cape at front.


West Africa: LavaRoots Performing Arts

Woman leaps in air, in costume with African design, bare legs.


Sri Lanka: Thatmini Kularatna

Solo female at mic singing, in orange sari.


Samoa: Tupulaga O Samoa Mo A Taeao

Large group on stage in white grass skirst, men and women, some stand in background at drums.


In order of appearance, Feb 22, 2020

Japan: Puna Taiko

Group of Taiko drummers on stage.


Philippines: Filipino Studies Group

Women dancing Tinikling


Tonga: Maata Fakasieiki

Solo woman dancing on stage, traditional tapa attire.


Palau: Ngelekel Belau Club

Large group of women dancers in white skirts, black tops, blue lighting.


Ireland: Hawai‘i Irish Dance

Group of female dancers in line, blue skirts, black tops. In back is line of male dancers holding flags.


Yap, FSM: Waab Student Organization

Line of male dancers in traditional attire, they look serious. Colors are red, black, yellow, with grass elements.


India: Big Island Desi

Woman holding fire in each hand.



Marshall Islands: Marshallese Iakwe Club

Large group of dancers, holding hands, some hooting and hollering.




Photos by Raiatea Arcuri, a professional photographer majoring in business administration with a concentration in finance at UH Hilo.

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