Photos: Valentine Vignettes, five short and sweet plays at UH Hilo

Five short and sweet plays themed around love were presented on Valentine’s Day last Friday, at the Mookini Library Lanai, University of Hawai‘i at Hilo. The 10-minute performances were billed as “sweet, silly, sad, sexy, saucy, we have a little bit of everything!”

Photos by Raiatea Arcuri (click to enlarge).

Take your seats, the show is about to begin…. lights, camera, action!



Written and directed by Asia Helfrich.

A passing homeless woman stops to rifle through a pile of discarded items, and in the process, ends a couple’s argument.

Three people on stage, at left woman with backpack, another woman looking toward her, at right a young man yelling at her.
From left, Catherine Williams, Autumn Miyares-Thompson, and Frank Phillips.  



Written and directed by Braden Savage.

College students navigate the tricky waters of Valentine romance.

Two seated women, one with arms outstretched, offering the other a gift.
From left, Hazuki Horikoshi and Jennifer Chew.  



Written by Barentain Omedetou, directed by Bobbi-Jo Oliva.

When a potion falls into the wrong hands, a curmudgeon is forced to say really nice things, resulting in a positive recipe for love.

Young woman stands next to table talking to woman seated who looks very unhappy.
From left, Bobbi-Jo Oliva and Naomi Lemieux.  



Written by J.T. Schroeder, directed by Maya McGarry.

After an unexpected visit by an ex, a couple re-evaluates their status.

Two women seated on bench, heads lowered.
From left, Sydney Mahoney and Jennifer Chew. 

Two women standing, looking at each other.



Written by Elaine Jarvik, directed by Evy Lemieux.

A married couple confronts a friend’s death through her obituary. The wife wants her own obituary to immortalize her forever. The husband isn’t so sure.

A man and a woman sit at a table reading the newspaper, each with their own paper, the man looks up at the woman. Red cups on the table.
 From left, Frank Phillips and Madalyn Freedman.  

Man and woman hug while standing.


Photos by Raiatea Arcuri, a professional photographer majoring in business administration with a concentration in finance at UH Hilo.