Photo essay: UH Hilo business major studies in South Korea

UH Hilo business major Sienna Wareham is studying abroad in South Korea this year on a scholarship funded by the host country. Here is a photo essay she put together to share her experience.  

Photos by and courtesy of Sienna Wareham.

Sienna stands on lawn with hundreds of pinwheels on tall stakes in the background. She's flashing the peace sign.
UH Hilo business student Sienna Wareham, at the Korean Demilitarized Zone (the DMZ), flashes the peace sign. Sept. 28, 2019. “There are over 1,000 pinwheels at the DMZ,” she says of the colorful spinners placed there as a symbol of peace and unity. Wareham is studying business administration in South Korea this year on a scholarship funded by the host country. Photos by and courtesy of Sienna Wareham, click to enlarge.

University of Hawai‘i at Hilo business major Sienna Wareham is attending Hankuk University of Foreign Studies on a Korea Global Scholarship for one year. Hailing from Rigby, ID, Wareham is in her third year of study and already a senior. While at Hankuk, in addition to her business courses, she’s also taking classes in Korean history as well as a course on Korean popular culture and Hallyu, which is South Korea’s export industry of pop culture, entertainment, music, TV dramas, and movies.

“Studying here will help my overall education in that I’m getting a real global view,” says Wareham. “Here, I have the amazing opportunity to meet not only Koreans but people from all over. We all talk about how different our countries are.”

This is a photo essay Wareham put together of her Study Abroad experience. Captions are in her own words. Click photos to enlarge.

Large palace with sweeping roofline, many people milling around to see.
“Gwanghwamun Palace is one of the most famous palaces in Seoul.” Oct. 20, 2019.
Sienna with friend, each holding cute dog. Sienna is wearing her "Global Vulcans" t-shirt.
“Sheila and I visited a staple in Korea, animal-themed cafes! Sheila Mae Almazan is a UH Hilo student studying with me at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies as an exchange student, her major is accounting.” Sept. 11, 2019.

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Photo essay edited by Susan Enright, a public information specialist for the Office of the Chancellor and editor of UH Hilo Stories.