UH Hilo 2019 tenure and promotion list

Su-Mi Lee, Li Tao, and Bonnie Irwin.
Chancellor Bonnie Irwin (right) with, from left, Su-Mi Lee, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Li Tao, Associate Professor of Biology, who both received tenure and promotion in 2019. All tenured and promoted faculty were recognized at event hosted by Chancellor Irwin on Sept. 12, 2019. Photo Courtesy University Relations

The following faculty have been awarded tenure and/or promotion in 2019:


  • Shugeng Cao, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Kathy Cooksey, Associate Professor of Astronomy
  • Misty Pacheco, Associate Professor of Kinesiology & Exercise Science


  • Maria Haws, Associate Professor of Aquaculture
  • Sunyoung Kim, Professor of Psychology
  • Julie Mowrer, Assistant Specialist in International Programs
  • Jonathan Price, Professor of Geography
  • Scott Saft, Professor of Linguistics
  • Dianqing Sun, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Tenure and Promotion

  • Lindy Hern, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Su-Mi Lee, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Li Tao, Associate Professor of Biology

Promotion, Instructors

  • Erica Gina Bernstein, Mathematics
  • Amy Gregg, Gender and Women’s Studies
  • Jenni Kimiko Guillen, Biology
  • Amy Horst, Music
  • Zorana Lazarevic, Mathematics
  • Laurell Luth, English Language
  • Colby McNaughton, Education
  • Laurie Sagle, English
  • Michelle Shuey, Geography and Environmental Sciences
  • Celeste Stanton, Dance
  • Susan Wackerbarth Oldfather, English
  • Lisa Parr, Marine Science
  • Zinat Ferdous Rahman, Mathematics
  • Aaron Tresham, Mathematics
  • Simona Văduvescu, Chemistry