Photos: 2019 UH Hilo Campus Awards honor top faculty, staff, and student employee

Several members of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo community received annual campus awards at a celebration held May 3, 2019.

Photos by Raiatea Arcuri for UH Hilo Stories.

Open Education Innovation Award

Marcia Sakai, Aaron Tresham, Mike Skinner stand for photo.
(From left) Marcia Sakai, Interim Chancellor; mathematician Aaron Tresham, a winner of the Open Education Innovation Award; and nominator Mike Skinner, Instructor of History. Missing is kinesiologist Harold Barkhoff, who also won the Open Education Innovation Award.
  • Harald Barkhoff, Kinesiology & Exercise Sciences
  • Aaron Tresham, Mathematics

Faculty Mentorship Award

Marcia Sakai, Steven Lundblad, Randy Hirokawa, and Julie Mowrer stand in front of PowerPoint screen for photo.
(From left) Marcia Sakai, Interim Chancellor; Faculty Mentorship Award winners Steven Lundblad, Geology, and Randy Hirokawa, Communication; and nominator Julie Mowrer. Missing from photo are winners Julie Adrian, Pharmacy; Philippe Binder, Physics; Marina Karidas, Sociology; Faith Mishina, Language; Matt Platz, Chemistry; Mike Shintaku, Plant Pathology; and Tracy Wiegner, Marine Science.
  • Julie Adrian, Pharmacy
  • Philippe Binder, Physics
  • Randy Hirokawa, Communication
  • Marina Karidas, Sociology
  • Steven Lundblad, Geology
  • Faith Mishina, Language
  • Matt Platz, Chemistry
  • Mike Shintaku, Plant Pathology
  • Tracy Wiegner, Marine Science

Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activity

  • Tracy Wiegner
    Tracy Wiegner

    Tracy Wiegner, Professor of Marine Science. Professor Wiegner was unable to attend the event.




Student Employee of the Year

Marcia Sakai, Christopher Wu, and Shara Mahoe pose for photo.
(From left) Marcia Sakai, Interim Chancellor; Christopher Wung, winner of the Student of the Year Award; and nominator Shara Mahoe, Director of the First Year Experience Program.
  • Christopher Wung, First Year Experience Office

Outstanding University Support Employee

Marcia Sakai, Marcia Sakai and Bruce Mathews stand for photo.
(From left) Marcia Sakai, Interim Chancellor; Marcia Oshiro, winner of the Outstanding University Support Employee award; Bruce Mathews, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resource Management.
  • Marsha Oshiro, Secretary, College of Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Resource Management

Professional Staff Award

Standing at podium, Chelsea Kay-Wong and Marcia Sakai. Up on screen, a surprised Sherrie Padilla who accepted award via remote.
On screen, Sherrie Padilla was in class during the event—organizers arranged to have her learn of winning the Professional Staff Award via remote (she was very surprised). Below, from left, is nominator Chelsea Kay-Wong, UH Hilo’s Registrar, and Marcia Sakai, Interim Chancellor.
  • Sherrie Padilla, Enrollment Services Manager and Director of Financial Aid.

Koichi and Taniyo Taniguchi Award for Excellence and Innovation

Marcia Sakai, Ken Hon, heryl Gansecki, Steve Lundblad. and Toby Taniguchi stand for group photo.
(From left) Marcia Sakai, Interim Chancellor; Ken Hon, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; geologists Cheryl Gansecki and Steven Lundblad, winners of the 2019 Koichi and Taniyo Taniguchi Award for Excellence and Innovation; and Toby Taniguchi representing the Taniguchi family.
  • Cheryl Gansecki, Lecturer in Geology
  • Steven Lundblad, Professor of Geology

Special Tribute

A special (and surprise ) tribute, organized by members of the Faculty Congress, was given to Interim Chancellor Marcia Sakai, who will be leaving the position on July 1 when the new permanent chancellor begins her tenure.

 Gail Makuakāne-Lundin and others applaud Marcia Sakai.
At the awards event, Interim Chancellor Marcia Sakai (left) receives a surprise tribute, organized by members of the Faculty Congress. At right is Gail Makuakāne-Lundin, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor, who was in on the planned surprise.

About the photographer: Raiatea Arcuri is a professional photographer majoring in business at UH Hilo.

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