UH Hilo retirees and longtime employees recognized at annual celebration

UH Hilo Interim Chancellor Marcia Sakai hosted event May 3 to recognize this year’s retirees and longtime employees’ service milestones.

Recent retirees and employees marking milestones of 10, 20, and 30 years at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo were recognized at the 2018 Awards and Recognition Celebration on May 3.

Photos by Bob Douglas, click to enlarge.


Group of retirees stands with the chancellor.
Retirees at recognition event stand with Interim Chancellor Marcia Sakai (far right).
  • Leomi Bergknut—Student Leadership Development Coordinator, Campus Center, 6 years.
  • Susan Brown—Professor of Psychology, 31 years.
  • Robert Hamilton—Instructor and Student Support, 21 years.
  • Janis Iyo—Research Support, 30 years.
  • Jackie Johnson—Professor of Drama, 37 years.
  • Kolin Kettleson—Director of Auxiliary Services, 27 years.
  • Ivy Losh—Office Assistant, Campus Center, 10 years.
  • Eileen Lovell—Associate Professor of Nursing, total 20 years.
  • Avis Masuda—Associate Professor of Education, 10 years.
  • Barbara Meguro–Instructor of Computer Science, 15 years.
  • Gordon Mitchell—Janitor, 31 years.
  • Neal Nagao—Building Maintenance, 30 years.
  • Hazel Reece—Junior Specialist Lab Coordinator, Nursing, 10 years.
  • Bill Sakai—Professor of Horticulture, 41 years.
  • Irene Sakamoto—Assistant, Human Resources, 23 years.
  • Alan Sugiura—Supervisor, Auxiliary, 36 years.
  • Mike Tanabe—Professor of Horticulture, 42 years.
  • Erlinda Walker*—Office Assistant, Financial Aid, 19 years.

10 Years of Service

Group photo of employees.
UH Hilo employees with 10 years of service and attended event gather for group photo.
  • Lee Barnette-Dombroski
  • Lee Chee Chang
  • Kurt Dela Cruz
  • Tom Dewitt
  • Kirk Flores
  • Farrah-Marie Gomes
  • Ken Hupp
  • Gene Johnson
  • Shana Kaneshiro
  • Carolyn Ma
  • Cindy Mohandie
  • Jonathan Price
  • Eric Rodrigues
  • Dolly Roth
  • Efren Ruiz
  • Ghee Tan
  • Veronica Tarleton
  • Keri Ann Tomita
  • Rebecca Yamashita
  • Jing Yin
  • Brian Wissman

20 Years of Service

Group photo of four women and the Chancellor.
Four members of the UH Hilo ohana who reached the milestone of 20 years of service attended the recognition event and stand with Interim Chancellor Marcia Sakai (r) for a group photo.
  • Cyrena Belaski
  • Emmeline De Pillis
  • Andrea Duyao
  • Michelle Fernandez
  • Andrew Grabar
  • Amy Jones
  • Sharon Kessinger
  • Peter Mills
  • Madeline Sehna
  • Vladimir Skorikov
  • Enbao Wang

30 Years of Service

Tammy Tanaka and Marcia Sakai.
Tammy Tanaka, who attended the event, and Marcia Sakai.
  • Erik Cleveland
  • Alton Okinaka
  • Dean Miyose
  • Tammy Tanaka

About the photographer: Bob Douglas is a local artist, photographer, and sometimes part-time student who volunteers his photography skills to the Office of the Chancellor and UH Hilo Stories.

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