Sixty-six UH Hilo Vulcans honored for academic achievement

Sixty-six student-athletes at UH Hilo who received academic honors for their achievements last fall were honored at a reception held Wednesday on campus.

Group photo of about 37 honorees. A few are holding up their certificates.
Sixty-six Vulcans were honored at the Student-Athlete Academic Honors Reception held April 4, 2018. Courtesy photo from Athletics.

Sixty-six student-athletes at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo who received academic honors for their achievements last fall were honored at a reception held Wednesday on campus.

Student-athletes who were on a team last fall, and achieved an accumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher, qualified for the award. UH Hilo coaches, athletic staff, faculty members, college deans and Interim Chancellor Marcia Sakai were in attendance at the reception.

“I am pleased to see so many student-athletes, staff, and faculty here,” Sakai says. “It is important to celebrate our academic success. UH Hilo is about challenging our students, and you all represent meeting those challenges and excelling through them.”

Student-athletes were encouraged to invite their favorite professor to help celebrate the achievement.

“It is important to honor our student-athletes that are excelling in the classroom,” says Roxanne Levenson, senior woman administrator and compliance officer. “It’s not easy to carry that kind of GPA [while] also managing our travel schedule. Much is asked of our student-athletes in the classroom, on the field and in the community.”

There were honorees from all 12 UH Hilo athletic teams. The women’s soccer team had the highest number of players with a 3.3 GPA or higher with 15, followed by the men’s soccer team, with 10.


The following student-athletes were honored for having a 3.3 or higher accumulative GPA.

  • Baseball–Micah Carter, Austin Inouye, Phillip Steering, Colby Stevens, Dylan Sugimoto, Jaron Sugimoto.
  • Men’s Basketball—Will Burghardt, Brian Ishola.
  • Men’s Golf—Adam Chiya, Evan Merrier, Taylor Patrick.
  • Men’s Soccer—Cassidy Dixon, Conner Ebright, Trenton Hooper, Kyran Johal, Omar Machado, Xahil McDonald, Jeffry Meier, Christian Ohly, Jesus Ortega, Christian Reyes.
  • Men’s Tennis—Alessandro Giuliato, Ryuta Ogawa, Hugues Renaud, Gregory Zukeran.
  • Women’s Basketball—Kailani Jones, Alyssa Movchan, Allie Navarette, Kim Schmelz, Safia Sheikh, Sara Schimizu.
  • Cross Country—Anna Baker Mikkelsen.
  • Women’s Golf—Anela Dalton, Andi Igawa, Keely Kitamura, Rachel Soans.
  • Women’s Soccer—Hedda Bjerklund, Hailey Briseno, Bryana-Marie Ebbers, Taylor Greenwood, Jada Macairan, Shantee Martin, Jaime Salas, Kayela Santiago, Sophia Satterlee, Symone Seidewand, Keani Shirai, Amanda Tuttle, Brianna Valencia, Breanna Young.
  • Softball—Leilani Blair, Billi Derleth, Cyanne Fernandez, Kiarra Lincoln, Jordan Millwood, Darian Obara, Keana Reyes-Burke, Maria Steadmon.
  • Women’s Tennis—Madeline Bush.
  • Volleyball—Trixie Croad, Lucy Fitzgerald, Siera Green, Ashton Jessee, Taylor Madrid.

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