Photos: UH Hilo students share traditional art, dance at Chinese Spring Festival

The highlight of the festival was a lion dance, the first ever performed at the annual event.

Photos by Elijah Owens.

Two women in traditional Chinese attire, bright pink flower on the top of each of their heads. Red background.

The University of Hawai‘i at Hilo celebrated Chinese New Year yesterday with its annual Spring Festival held on the Library Lanai. The event was hosted by the UH Hilo Chinese Studies Program in association with the Chinese Culture Club and students taking classes in Elementary Chinese (CHNS 102) and Chinese Architecture and Gardens (CHNS 381).

Program organizer is Jiren Feng, associate professor of Chinese and program coordinator of the Chinese Studies Certificate program.

The highlight of the festival was a lion dance, the first ever performed at the annual event.

Tables set up on the lanai offered visitors colorful displays of interactive delights with zodiac signs, beautiful paper crafts, calligraphy, Chinese characters of good meaning, spring couplets, and a crimson red backdrop for photos. There also were performances of traditional Chinese arts in Taiji shadow boxing, a sword and martial arts presentation, folk dancing (fan, red silk, red handkerchief), and more.

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Tables and Displays

Brightly colored tables and displays with visitors milling and looking.


Two women at table doing calligraphy.

Lion Dance

Bright orange lion costume, dancing for audience on the library lanai.


Couple dances with bright red silk scarves.


Taiji Shadow Boxing

Single man doing Taiji shadow boxing. He wears all balck. Behind him a sign that reads: Happy Chine New Year, Chinese Studies.

Happy New Year!

Student places hand in the mouth of colorful orange and red lion.
Student places hand in mouth of the lion for good luck.


Elijah Owens (sophomore, geology) is a photographer for the Office of the Chancellor and UH Hilo Stories.

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