The semester’s 100% “Local First” meals start Feb. 7, continue first Wednesday of each month

On the first Wednesday of each month during the semester, the daily menu at the UH Hilo Campus Center Dining Room is 100 percent locally grown food.

The first “Local First” menu of the spring 2018 semester will be served Wednesday, Feb.7, at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Campus Center Dining Room (menu below).

Each day, the majority of the food served on the campus of UH Hilo is from local sources, increasing annually since 2012. Once a month, on the first Wednesday of the month, the daily menu is 100 percent locally grown food and called “Local First.”

100% Locally Sourced Specials
UH Hilo Campus Center Dining Room
February 7, 2018
7:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m.
Grill Breakfast
  • Rainbow French Toast with Sasho’s House-Made Hamakua Mac Nut Butter, Punalu‘u Guava, Taro, and Traditional Sweet Bread French Toast topped with Mac-Nut Butter, served with grilled Purity Sliced Portuguese Sausage
Grill Lunch
  • Laulau Loco Moco, Kulana Beef & Pork Laulau topped with a Fresh Egg cooked to your liking, served with L&R Farms ‘Uala Salad.
Deli Sandwich
  • Toasted Korean Cheesesteak Sandwich, Thinly sliced, grilled, marinated Big Island Rib-Eye steak, topped with Cheddar Cheese, grilled Sweet Onions & Waimea Won Bok Kim Chee on a Housemade French Roll.
Sizzling Salad
  • Kaua’i Shrimp Ceviche served in a Tortilla Cone, Kaua’i Shrimp  marinated traditional Ceviche style, on Mixed Greens topped with sliced Kona Avocado.

Hot Line Entrée #1

  • Kiawe Infused Hawaiian Style Pulehu Rib-Eye Steak, Big Island Raised Grass-Fed Beef, marinaded and smoked with Kiawe wood, grilled to medium rare, served with Alaea salted Maui Onions

Hot Line Entrée #2

  • ‘Uala Battered Ahi, Line Caught, Fresh Island Ahi coated in a Moloka’i Purple Sweet Potato Batter, deep fried to golden brown.

Hot Line Vegetarian/Vegan

  • Grilled Organic Tofu Kalo & ‘Uala
  • Tempura Stack, Natural Pacific Organic Tofu lightly seasoned and grilled marked, layered with Tempura battered Molokai Purple Sweet Potatoes & Big Island Taro topped with a sweet & spicy Mango Salsa.

Between noon and 1:00pm, performing live, Ka‘ikena Scanlan sharing awesome Hawaiian songs to go with your awesome lunch choice!