Happy Girl’s Day! UH Hilo celebrates with Hina Matsuri Girl’s Day Festival

Hina Matsuri (Doll’s Festival) is held annually on March 3rd to wish for the health, happiness and success of girls.

Photos by Zoe Coffman.

Students at a table set up at event.
Photos by Zoe Coffman, click to enlarge.


The Japanese Student Association at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo presented its annual Hina Matsuri: Girl’s Day Festival today on the Campus Center Plaza.

Hina Matsuri (Doll’s Festival) is a Japanese tradition held annually on March 3rd. The day is dedicated to wish for the health, happiness and success of girls.

The Hinamatsuri song called Ureshii Hinamatsuri or Happy Hinamatsuri can be heard in the video at right (not from today’s event).

Dolls in traditional clothing.
Doll display at the UH Hilo Hina Matsuri.

Hina Matsuri activities today on the UH Hilo Campus Center Plaza:

  • Doll display and Peace Doll Exchange
  • Yukata and kimono dressing
  • Tea ceremony by Urasenke Hawaii Shibu
  • Games and origami
  • History display
  • Koto concert by Toshiko Nagase (Yamada School Koto instructor)
Traditional figures in display.
Display for Hina Matsuri or Doll’s Festival held today, March 3, 2017, on the UH Hilo Campus Center Plaza.


About the photographer: Zoe Coffman (senior, art) is a photography intern in the Office of the Chancellor.

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