UH Hilo marine scientist Misaki Takabayashi’s research on coral bleaching featured in Surfer Magazine

Professor of Marine Science Misaki Takabayashi first noticed island reefs were changing in 2014 when she was bodyboarding—after studying coral reefs for 20 years, she knew this wasn’t good.

Misaki Takabayashi
Misaki Takabayashi

Misaki Takabayashi, professor of marine science at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, studies growth anomalies that affect coral’s biological function. Her work studying coral bleaching off Hawaiʻi Island is sounding the alarm. She says parts of the reef in Keaukaha and Waiʻōpae are turning ghostly white as coral bleaching takes hold, threatening the area’s marine ecosystem.

Surfer Magazine reports on Takabayashi’s research, Sept 26.


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