Founders of UH Hilo’s new energy science program thank supporters

Professors in program send a mahalo to partners.

Shihwu Sung and Philippe Binder, professors in the new energy science program at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo, wrote a letter to the editor published in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald March 3, 2016, acknowledging the collaborative support the program has received (links added).

Shihwu Sung in office.
Shihwu Sung

A recent article on the new energy science program at University Hawaii at Hilo was published in the Feb. 1, 2016, issue of the Tribune-Herald. With this letter, we would like to say more about a few aspects of our program.

One is our enormous gratitude to our partners and sponsors—Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability, which is advising us on curriculum and content, and above all, the County of Hawaii for realizing the vital importance of energy to the future of our island and for awarding us a startup grant that covers guest lecturers, laboratory equipment, promotional material and a visit to our academic partners.

Philippe Binder
Philippe Binder

Another is the tremendous importance for our program of meaningful partnerships. Clean, locally available, inexpensive energy has been a “Holy Grail” in the Big Island for quite some time. A number of visionary individuals and small organizations have been exploring a wide gamut of alternative energies.

It is our hope that our program will help centralize and coordinate local energy-related efforts, provide a suitable workforce in this field, and help create a better future for our island.

Finally, we are thankful to the Tribune-Herald for helping get word of this exciting and vital new program to the local community.


Shihwu Sung and Philippe Binder
Professors in the Energy Science Program
University of Hawaii at Hilo

The 15-credit certificate program has two concentrations. One is intended for students in the natural sciences or programs in the agricultural college and can lead to potential careers in technical areas. The second is geared toward policy and management, which is suitable for students of any major, but especially those pursuing business and social science degrees. Learn more…

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