Photos: UH Hilo students create 3-D installations for final project in art class

The students’ art installations show the tactile exploration of forms and environments along with expressions of time, light, and space in 3-D visualizations.

Photos by Daniel Nathaniel.

Roselle Vaughn wears strips of black plastic on her head, arms and hips, her body partially wrapped in strips of white cloth.
Rosella Vaughn, a senior majoring in art, wears her creation, “Body Mask 1.0.” Click photo to enlarge.

Students taking a 3-D art course this semester at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo have produced a variety of works for their final projects using diverse materials such as metal, plastic, and string. In some cases, the student’s own body is part of the installation.

For the class (ART 124), taught by Professor of Art Michael Marshall, the students investigated the principles and elements of design in three-dimensional concepts. The course is one of the choices for art majors to fulfill their Foundation Studio Program requirements, although students majoring in other fields can take the class (see computer science major Kayla Smallwood‘s art work below).

The final projects creatively reflect the goals of the course: 

  • Investigation of the principles and elements of design in three-dimensional concepts.
  • Tactile exploration of forms, environments, and expressions.
  • Explorations into perceptual relationships of time, light, and space in three-dimensional visualizations.

Well done!

Tiana Honda stands next to a sculpture of a polar bear shaped with poultry netting (chicken wire) that comes up to the artist's waist. The bear is dotted with colorful pieces of paper.
Tiana Honda, a junior majoring in art, stands by her work, “Polar Bear.”
Benjamin Krome stands next to his sculpture made with about a dozen large metal blades attached in a lose spiral to a long, bent piece of rebar.
Benjamin Krome, a sophomore majoring in art, shows his metal sculpture, “Dancing Blades.”
Krystle Koshiyama stands in front of her sculpture, a grouping of about 100 gloves filled in a way that makes them look like hands.
Krystle Koshiyama, a junior majoring in art, with her final project, “Gloves.” Click to enlarge.
Cullen Mandrayar stands next to a large spider web made from string, with his legs and arms caught in the web.
Cullen Mandrayar, a junior art major, becomes part of his installation, “Partly Spidey.”
Kayla Smallwood, a junior majoring in computer science, sits under her 3-D creation, "Partly Cloudy." Three poofy white clouds float above her, suspended in a mobile-type installation.
Kayla Smallwood, a junior majoring in computer science, relaxes under her 3-D creation, “Partly Cloudy.”


About the photographer: Daniel Nathaniel is a senior at UH Hilo majoring in linguistics on the GI Bill. Previously, he served nine years as superintendent of public affairs, 624th Regional Support Group at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Oʻahu. He currently is a photographer in the Office of the Chancellor.

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