Statement from the Chancellor on Gov. Ige’s Maunakea plan

UH Hilo is working closely with UH System leadership to address Gov. Ige’s requests.


Hilo sealOn Tuesday, Gov. David Ige announced his proposed way forward for the stewardship of Maunakea. In addition to supporting TMT proceeding with construction, he stressed the need for the University of Hawai‘i to do a better job in its stewardship of the mountain.

You can find more information on the governor’s 10-point action plan for UH in the news release posted on his website.

UH President David Lassner has responded to the governor by saying that UH can and must do better. I agree that the state and UH have, historically, erred on our responsibility to adequately care for Maunakea.

UH Hilo is working closely with UH System leadership to address the governor’s requests. Further announcements about UH Hilo’s role and responsibilities will be forthcoming as discussion and planning occur.

The governor made a very important point in his remarks about the need to find balance in how we treat the mountain. I share Gov. Ige’s belief that “the activities of Native Hawaiians, and of our scientists, to seek knowledge and to explore our relationship with our cosmos and its creation can and should co-exist on the mountain.” I look forward to working with all stakeholders to achieve this goal.

Don Straney
Chancellor, UH Hilo