Informational videos of Puna lava flow

“Lava flow activity.” Published on Nov. 14, 2014. An aerial of the Apa‘a Road area, including the besieged transfer station and power poles. Small breakouts into the “moat” behind the transfer station and out in the pasture on the south side of the main flow. That flow just about reached the road, but seems to be stalling. Footage of Nov. 14, 2014. No narrative. 


“Lava destroys house.” Published on Nov. 11, 2014. Sad day today – a home was destroyed by the lava flows. Lava came around the garage/barn structure but burned down the house. It inflated enough that by evening it flowed into the tilapia pond. Methane bursts were common – as it got dark you could see the flames jetting out. Footage of Nov. 10, 2014. No narrative.


“Lava crosses road (Apa‘a St.).” Published on Nov. 9, 2014. A new lobe of lava crossed Apa‘a Street this morning, right next to the place it originally crossed. In some of the shots you can see how high the older flow has inflated since Oct. 25 (and the piles of aggregate the Highways Dept is testing for heat flow in case they can try to put a road back across the lava at some point). Nov. 9, 2014. No narrative.


“Large lava breakout.” Published on Nov. 7, 2014. Here a large flow of lava breaks out from an inflating tumulus just outside the Pahoa Japanese cemetery (now half-buried in lava). A very impressive flow. Nov. 6, 2014. No narrative.