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Kaʻi i ka Wēkiu: Student Success Leadership Team

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What is the SSLT?

Redefining the Student Success Leadership Teams (SSLT).
Kaʻi i ka Wēkiu (Elevating Student Success): A Bold Vision for UH Hilo

Vision: A hub of dynamic collaboration driving our institution's growth.

Nā kime (the teams) are set to become a catalyst, propelling student success to new heights. These kime, composed of experts from diverse disciplines, are united by a commitment to student triumph. Under this transformation, a hub group consisting of the] three Vice Chancellors and the chairs of the working nā kime, will oversee this effort. The four kime will include enrollment, student engagement, student support, and workplace culture. Ultimately, our kuleana is considering how UH Hilo will help drive transformation for students, campus, community, and beyond.

  • Focus on student success
  • Multi-disciplinary approach
  • Hub for key strategic drivers
  • Linked to strategic plan efforts

Ka'ao: A Framework for Transformation

  • Hua, or vision is the why within our work. Establishing clarity of intention, direction, and what we have to accomplish together towards producing the change we collectively seek to achieve through our kime efforts.
  • Haʻalele, or preparation, considers the various conversations/discussions around the kime focus areas. To better explore, learn, understand, and purposefully prepare for the next steps in our kime efforts.
  • Huakaʻi, or journey, is working collaboratively to create, innovate, and implement actions that are making progress toward transformation in each of the focus areas.
  • Hoʻina, or return, is our efforts towards reviewing and making adjustments and improvements that demonstrate our transformation and commitment to sustain our ongoing kuleana towards elevating the focus areas of student success and UH Hilo ʻohana.

Ka'i I Ka Wekiu Kime (Working Groups)


  • Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Consultant & Plan
  • Strategic Communication Plan
  • Cross-Engagement


  • High Impact Practices
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Persistence and Achievement

Student Support and Wellbeing

  • Basic Needs
  • Remove Barriers to Persistence
  • Crises Response
  • Supportive Environment

Workplace Culture

  • Professional Development
  • DEI Principles
  • Celebrating People


Ka'i I Ka Wekiu Co-Chairs

Enrollment Kime

Engagement Kime

Support and Well Being Kime

Workforce Culture Kime

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