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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Flyer Emotional Intelligence is a skill that helps you have more understanding of your own and others emotions and thus make emotions work for you, instead of against you. This class will teach simple practices that develop emotional intelligence: mindfulness, self-understanding, self-reflection, emotional management, and communication. These tools will help you be more grounded and clear in your mind, manage difficult emotions, have better relationships, and contribute to a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

No experience is necessary. Experience with mindfulness and attendance of the Mindfulness For Busy People workshop is helpful but not required. There will be new material not presented in previous classes.

Bring notebook and pen as desired.
Saturday, February 10, 2018
1:00pm - 5:30pm
UH Hilo Campus, PB 7

**This class is part of a discount package which also includes the Mindfulness for Busy People class.

Meet Bernie Schreck:

NC Instructor Bernie Schreck Bernie Schreck is a longtime instructor of meditation and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Bernie enjoys leading his courses with care and compassion, provides a supportive environment and a stimulating learning experience.