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Subconscious Writing Intensive - CCECS Non-Credit Class

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Date(s): Sep 22, Sat 9am-4pm (1 hr lunch)
Location: [Hilo] UH Hilo Campus, PB-5
Cost: $60.00.

Please call (808) 932-7830 to register.

A new approach for seasoned writers or individuals just beginning to explore creative writing, this comprehensive day-long workshop offers strategies that will help students silence the inner critic, become more creative, and surprise themselves with compelling work that isnÔÇÖt like anything else out there. For students familiar with this approach, this intensive format will help facilitate a deeper understanding of the process. Meet Adam Sydney: Having produced five novels through subconscious writing and published three, Adam Sydney has taught various writing classes at the college level for more than ten years. With two master's degrees in screenwriting, he has a good understanding of story structure and how subconscious writing can transform it. He is the author of the blog How to Write Subconsciously.

Instructor(s): Adam Sydney.

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