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Japanese Conversation: Beginners, Level 3 (Hilo) - CCECS Non-Credit Class

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Date(s): Sep 11-Dec 4, T 5pm-6:30pm
Location: [Hilo] UH Hilo Campus, CH-6
Cost: $170.00.

Please call (808) 932-7830 to register.

This class is for students who know hiragana, katakana, and beginner's level conversation including introductions and explaining simple daily activities. The focus will be on increasing vocabulary, understanding sentence structure and advancing conversation skills. Required: Nakama 1a or Nakama 1, 2nd editions Meet Hiroko Igarashi: Instructor Hiroko Igarashi has a BS in Mathematics, BA in Communications and MA in China-US Relations. She has many years of experience teaching Japanese to children and adults in the community, and as a UH Hilo Lecturer. Her classes are practical, fun and interactive, helping students to get the most out of every session.

Instructor(s): Hiroko Igarashi.

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