Spanish (SPAN) Courses

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College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) , Languages

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SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I (4) Beginning course, primarily emphasizing oral practice. Laboratory drill. (Attributes: DH, GL)

SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II (4) Beginning course, primarily emphasizing oral practice. Laboratory drill. Pre: SPAN 101 or equivalent. (Attributes: DH, GL)

SPAN 200 Interm Conversational Spanish (3) This course is intended for students who have gained some basic knowledge of Spanish language but need to improve their fluency and vocabulary necessary for practical functions in life: greetings and self-introduction, being or hosting guests, shopping, travel, airport situations, study abroad, etc. SPAN 200 will enhance SPAN 102 and 102 and complement SPAN 201, enabling the student to acquire oral fluency. Prereq or coreq: SPAN 102 or instructor's consent.

SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I (4) Continuation of oral practice with increasing emphasis on reading and written composition. Laboratory drill. Pre: SPAN 102 or equivalent. (Attributes: DH, GL)

SPAN 202 Interm Spanish II (4) Continuation of oral practice with increasing emphasis on reading and written composition. Laboratory drill. Pre: SPAN 201 or equivalent. (Attributes: DH, GL, HPP)

SPAN 301 Adv Spanish Conversation (3) (lecture/lab) Advanced Spanish Conversation will place emphasis on 2 of the 4 language skills: listening and speaking. The study of Spanish conversation in 15 common contexts will give the student a much deeper awareness of cultural expectations and norms in the Latin world. Knowledge of their courtesies and respect, their customs and situational idiosyncrasies is critical to create business or interpersonal relations. The student will also learn how Anglo customs overstep bounds and create offense in the Hispanic collective cultures. Student will gain fluidity and comprehension as well as cross-cultural understanding.

SPAN 302 Adv Spanish Reading/Writing (3) (lecture/lab) Advanced Spanish Reading and Writing (302) will markedly extend the student's ability to read and write in a second language. Cultural expectations and practice are necessary to produce articles, journalism, business writing and literary analysis. The 302 is for students with Intermediate Spanish experience or with immersion experience in a Spanish or Latin culture. This course will teach students to critically comprehend Spanish texts, requiring them to reflect on these texts by producing written Spanish. Fifteen cultural texts will be read; fifteen papers and their corrections will be required.

SPAN 306 Medical Spanish (3) This class will develop students linguistically to work with Spanish speakers in nursing, pharmacy and medicine. The purpose of this course is to give the students the skills to communicate with patients and customers whose English is not adequate for intercommunication. The emphasis will be on medical vocabulary and the taking of medical histories by oral interview in Spanish. Vocabulary for heart patients, diabetes patients, gynecological patients and common ailments such as urinary tract discomforts will be covered and reviewed repetitively. The student will participate in 40 oral interviews.

SPAN 307 Business Spanish (3) This course is for students of business, finance, tourism, or law. It provides linguistic tools in Spanish for employment purposes in line with students' respective majors. The course will build appropriate vocabulary, emphasizes Spanish and Latin protocols, perceptions in business, and address major mistakes made by North Americans in Latin or Hispanic business situations. The course is divided into three units: Business Situations, Written Forms of Business Communications and Business Practice, which will combine and reinforce the first two units.

SPAN 368 Gender & Women LatAm Lit/Film (3) Latin American men and women of alternative genders in the 20th century have lived in vastly different conditions and upheaval spanning feudalism to postcolonial thought. From genocide to authoritarian institutions of torture, the people in the texts and films had to endure turmoil and violent clashes of ideas. This course captures the Latin perspective of four different sociological spaces that women occupy in Latin America: the Indigenous space, the patriarchal latifundio, the mestizo space of markets, and the professional women under the military governments. Latin American and French feminist theories are used to clarify these contexts. (Same as WS 368). (Attributes: DH)

SPAN 369 Lat&Glob Docum&Film:Crit Analy (3) This course will engage students in Latin and Global documentaries and films in the context of their perspectives, providing an excellent window into culture and world conflicts. The students lives in a global world today in which expansion of mindsets must become elastic with the practice of cultural exposure and analysis. (Same as WS 369) (Attributes: GW, WI)

SPAN x94 Special Topics in Subject Matter (Arr.) (IO) Special topics chosen by the instructor. Course content will vary. May be repeated for credit, provided that a different topic is studied. Additional requirements may apply depending on subject and topic.

SPAN x99 Directed Studies (Arr.) (IO) Statement of planned reading or research required. Pre: instructor’s consent.