Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

This is content from the Catalog 2019–2020 back issue. Please visit the current catalog for current information.

It is the policy of the University of Hawaiʻi Hilo (UH Hilo) to provide a safe and violence-free learning and working environment for students and employees. UH Hilo recognizes the serious issues concerning sexual harassment and sexual assault. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that can undermine the foundation of trust and mutual respect that must prevail if UH Hilo is to fulfill its educational mission. Sexual harassment and sexual assault will not be tolerated in any part of UH Hilo programs and activities. Sanctions will be imposed on the members of the UH Hilo community who are found responsible for sexual harassment or sexual assault.

Complaint Procedures

Any of the individuals listed below can provide information on informal and formal complaint procedures. In some cases, informal procedures are effective in stopping sexual harassment. Formal complaint procedures exist to protect all students and employees and are available online at:

These documents are available in alternate format upon request by contacting Disability Services at (808) 932-7623 or (808) 932-7002 (TTY).

For Advice, Information, Counseling or Other Support

Associate Director, Counseling Services
Student Health and Wellness Programs
Student Services Building, Room 201
Tel: (808) 932-7460
TTY: (808) 932-7002


Coordinator, Women’s Center
Campus Center, Room 312
Tel: (808) 932-7381
TTY: (808) 932-7002

To File a Complaint Against a Student

Kelly Oaks, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Student Services Building, Room 210
Tel: (808) 932-7472
TTY: (808) 932-7002

To File a Complaint Against an Employee

Jennifer Stotter , Director, Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action, Title VI, Title IX Coordinator
Trailer E
Tel: (808) 932-7642
TTY: (808) 932-7002