Plant Tissue Culture Certificate

This is content from the Catalog 2019–2020 back issue. Please visit the current catalog for current information.

Note: The certificate in Plant Tissue Culture is undergoing review. Students are advised to consult with the CAFNRM Dean before pursuing this program of study.

Contact: Bruce Mathews

The Plant Tissue culture Certificate program is designed to prepare baccalaureate degree seeking students and non-degree seeking students for employment in the plant tissue culture industry. It focuses on course work that relates directly to this industry and facilitates immediate employment as laboratory proprietors, laboratory supervisors, and laboratory technicians. The curriculum includes a range of plant science and tissue culture courses that provide a strong theoretical base. Additionally, the student must complete six credit hours of Advanced Plant Tissue Culture, primarily a hands-on, laboratory-oriented course. Students in the Plant Tissue Culture Certificate Program must complete the prescribed courses (18 credits) with a cumulative grade average of 2.0 or better.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Will provide the student with theoretical information and practicum experience in plant tissue culture.
  2. Special emphasis will be placed on setting-up and operating a plant tissue culture laboratory.
  3. Focuses on course work that prepares the student for immediate employment in the plant tissue culture industry.
  4. Psychomotor skills will be emphasized as it relates to in vitro plantlet manipulation.
  5. Diagnostic skills will be introduced as tools for determining the source(s) of in vitro plantlet problems. Discussions pertaining to solving these problems will be an active part of this program.
  6. Scientific verbal and writing skills appropriate for the field of plant tissue culture will be introduced and honed.
  7. Concentration calculations appropriate for this field will be introduced as an integral part of this program.


Requirements (18 credits):

  • HORT 262 Princ Of Hort (3)
  • HORT 264 Plant Propagation (3)
  • HORT 303 Intro Plant Tissue Culture (3)
  • HORT 304 Plant Tissue Culture Acclimatz (3)
  • HORT 450 Adv Plant Tissue Cult (3) (To be taken twice for a total of 6 credits)