Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

This is content from the Catalog 2019–2020 back issue. Please visit the current catalog for current information.

Note: To drop all your UH Hilo classes, please visit the Complete Withdrawal instructions.

Courses may be “dropped” without academic penalty (without receiving a grade of “W” for the course) during the first three weeks of a regular semester. Students may also withdraw from a course from the beginning of the fourth week of instruction until the end of the tenth week of instruction. However, in this case, students will receive a grade of “W” for each official course withdrawal. Students who simply stop attending classes without withdrawing are not officially withdrawn. Those who fail to withdraw officially during the prescribed period risk receiving an “F” grade for such courses. A student who is considering dropping or withdrawing should refer to Tuition and Fees Refund Policy and Financial Aid to understand their financial responsibilities.