Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate

This is content from the Catalog 2019–2020 back issue. Please visit the current catalog for current information.

Contact: Francis Dumanig
Email: fdumanig@hawaii.edu


The mission of the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate Program is to provide students a theoretical foundation and practical tools for teaching English as a second/foreign language.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the certificate program will:

  1. Have gained an overview of Second Language Acquisition Theory and how it relates to current practices in teaching ESL/EFL
  2. Have learned how to create formal lesson plans
  3. Have learned to create lessons in English as a second language (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and  Grammar)
  4. Have gained some experience teaching ESL students
  5. Have gained awareness of cultural differences
  6. Be able to modify lessons for varying age groups and levels of English proficiency
  7. Be prepared for possible interview scenarios


Requirements (18 credits):

  • LING 102 Introduction to Linguistics (3) 1
  • LING 221 Intro to Language (3) 1 OR LING 331 Lang in Culture & Society (3)
  • ENG 324 Modern English Grammar & Usage (3)
  • ENG 350 Second Lang Acquisition Theory (3)
  • ENG 422 ESL Teaching Practicum (3)
  • ENG 484 ESL Materials & Methods (3)

1 Prospective candidates should note that LING 102 and LING 221 are prerequisites for several of these courses and ENG/ESL 100 Composition I (3) is a prerequisite for all English classes.


  1. Students must earn a grade of “C” or higher in all courses required for the certificate.