CAFNRM Courses

This is content from the Catalog 2019–2020 back issue. Please visit the current catalog for current information.

How to Read the Course Descriptions

Courses are described using the following format:

①CRS ②NUM③Title④(cr.)⑤(contact hrs) ⑥Full course description. ⑦Pre: pre-requisites. ⑧(Same as X-List) ⑨(Attributes: ATTR)

  1. Course subject
  2. Course number
  3. Course title
  4. Number of semester hours (credits)
  5. Contact hours type(s) if non-lecture
  6. Full description of the course.
  7. (if applicable) Prerequisites, co-requisites, recommended preparation or other requirements
  8. (if applicable) Cross-listed courses (equivalent courses offered through another subject heading)
  9. (if applicable) General Education Attributes

Special notations used for credits are as follows:

  • (1-3), for example = the number of semester hours, in this example, may be 1, 2, or 3, as determined by the instructor at the time of offering.
  • (Arr.) = the number of semester hours is arranged by the instructor.

Certain number endings are reserved for particular types of courses:

  • “94” courses are Special Topics Courses.
  • “95” courses are Seminars.
  • “96” courses are Internship Courses.
  • “97” and “98” courses are Experimental Courses offered only for one year on that basis (“97” is usually offered in the Fall and “98” in the Spring).
  • “99” courses are Research and Directed Studies Courses.