Agriculture: Animal Science—Pre-Veterinary Specialty

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To be accepted into a professional school (veterinary medicine) or a graduate program (M.S. or Ph.D.) requires excellent grades and the proper academic background. To help provide the proper academic background for students interested in veterinary medicine and/or graduate studies in animal science, the Pre-Veterinary Track was developed. With this track of study, students can also qualify for professional schools of medicine and pharmacy with a few additional courses taken as electives.

The Pre-Veterinary Track has been successful with former students being accepted into Colleges of Veterinary Medicine in Alabama, California, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Virginia, Washington, England, New Zealand and West Indies.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will achieve a working knowledge of biology, chemistry, and mathematics as a foundation for further studies.
  2. Students will achieve a basic understanding in the different animal science disciplines and be able to apply this knowledge to effectively manage and care for livestock.
  3. Students will have experiential learning opportunities with farm animals through routine hands-on laboratories held at the UH Hilo Agricultural Farm Laboratory. When available, field trips to local farms and ranches will also provide learning opportunities with farm animals. Students will gain hands-on experience with livestock to help enhance their competitiveness in future studies and careers.
  4. Students will use and refine their communication skills in various classes.
  5. Students will develop and apply their computer skills to agricultural examples.