Admission to Summer Session

This is content from the Catalog 2019–2020 back issue. Please visit the current catalog for current information.

Admission to Summer Session is open to high school graduates and individuals 18 years of age or older. Applicants are not required to submit high school transcripts/college entrance test scores or college transcripts. Admission to the Summer Session does not constitute admission to a regular semester as a degree candidate.

High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors are encouraged to enroll in summer classes. Sophomores and juniors are asked to work with their high school counselor to complete the Running Start application and submit it to the Admissions Office

All students are expected to have satisfied prerequisites for the course(s) in which they enroll and are reminded that grades earned in college courses during the summer may affect their admission to college in the future. Students whose native language is not English must demonstrate English proficiency.

Graduate-level applicants are required to send in college transcripts to confirm receipt of a baccalaureate degree. Applicants wishing to enroll in particular graduate-level courses may be subjected to remit college transcripts from each of the colleges previously attended.