Catalog 2017–2018: Rural Health Graduate Certificate (PharmD)

This is content from the Catalog 2017–2018 back issue. Please visit the current catalog for current information.


This mission of this certificate program is to produce PharmD graduates who are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to thrive as a pharmacist working in rural settings.

Student learning objectives:

  1. Describe basic concepts in rural health science, including measurement, methods, and testing solutions to rural health problems.
  2. Analyze rural health issues and make evidence-based recommendations for improvement.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of rural health issues in rural pharmacy practice settings.
  4. Apply the knowledge of rural health science to real-world healthcare and community settings.
  5. Integrate the knowledge from courses in the certificate program and apply this knowledge to enhance patient care in advanced experiential rotations.
  6. Identify and demonstrate ability to implement solutions to rural health problems.

Required Courses (22 Credits):

  • PHPP 567 Rural Health Science Intro (2) , P2 year
  • PHPP 568 Rural Health Science Advanced (2) , P3 year
  • Review and approval of PHPP 540 Adv Pharm Prac Exp: Ambulatory (6) - PHPP 545 Adv Pharm Prac Exp: Elect II (6) course placement by department.
  • Minimum of 18 APPE credits in Experiential Rotations in rural settings (18 Credits)
    • Ambulatory Care, Community Practice, Medicine, Hospital Pharmacy, and/or Electives) in rural settings such as:
      • Hawaii Island
      • Kauai Island
      • Rural areas of Maui County (i.e., Hana, Lanai, Molokai)
      • Other approved rural sites