Catalog 2017–2018: Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) Courses

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College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

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IS 201 Pre-Pharmacy Orientation (2) This course is a requisite for the Pre-Pharmacy Program at UH Hilo. It will familiarize the student with the academic requirements of the Pre-Pharmacy Program and the Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. Individual lectures will cover the clinical, technical and ethical responsibilities of a Pharmacist in the 21st century, and allow students to become familiar with job opportunities for pharmacists. This course will provide interactions with local pharmacists and doctoral pharmacy students through mentor partnerships. Offered on a CR/NC basis only.

IS 393 Foreign Field Experience (1–15) (other) Academic coursework, research, or internship in foreign locations which may transfer into specific disciplines after completion. (D) Denmark, (E) England, (F) France, (H) Hong Kong, (J) Japan, (K) Korea, (P) People's Republic of China, (R) Republic of China (Taiwan), (T) Thailand. Foreign field experiences are not limited to the countries listed. May be repeated for credit.

IS x94 Special Topics in Subject Matter (Arr.) Special topics chosen by the instructor. Course content will vary. May be repeated for credit, provided that a different topic is studied. Additional requirements may apply depending on subject and topic.

IS x99 Directed Studies (Arr.) Statement of planned reading or research required. Pre: instructor’s consent.