Student Health Insurance

Health insurance is highly recommended for all students. A University of Hawaiʻi endorsed student health insurance plan is designed for students and is generally less expensive than most other health insurance plans. Detailed information about this insurance plan including costs and an application are available online at HMSA Student Health Plan . Applications may also be picked up from the Student Medical Services Office (Campus Center 211) or mailed by calling (808) 932-7369.

International students in F-1 Student or J-1 Exchange Visitor status must have adequate health and accident insurance each semester. F-1 Students must present proof of their insurance to the Director of International Student Services prior to registration. J-1 Exchange Visitors must present such proof to their Responsible Officers.

Students who do not have private health insurance may qualify for State of Hawaiʻi health insurance called QUEST. Qualifications for this free, limited insurance plan are based on income and assets. Detailed information including an application is available online at the QUEST website or by calling 1-800-316-8005 or Student Medical Services at (808) 932-7369.