Rural Health Graduate Certificate (PharmD)


This certificate program is designed to give PharmD graduates the knowledge and experience needed to thrive as a pharmacist working in rural settings.

Student learning objectives:

  • Describe basic concepts in rural health science, including measurement, methods, and testing solutions to rural health problems.
  • Analyze rural health issues and make evidence-based recommendations for improvement.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of rural health issues in rural pharmacy practice settings.
  • Apply the knowledge of rural health science to real-world healthcare and community settings.
  • Integrate the knowledge from courses in the certificate program and apply this knowledge to enhance patient care in advanced experiential rotations.
  • Identify and demonstrate ability to implement solutions to rural health problems.

Program Prerequisite Requirements

  • Must have completed P1 (first year) in the PharmD program with a GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better to remain in the certificate program
  • Must not be on probation

Certificate Curriculum (24 Credits)

Core Courses for Certificate: (22 Credits)

  • PHPP 567 Rural Health Science Intro (2)
  • PHPP 568 Rural Health Science Advanced (2)
  • Minimum of 18 credits of any of the following APPE rotations. Rotations must be completed in a rural setting, selected from experiential office approved sites:
    • PHAR 580 Adv Pharm Prac Exp Community (6)
    • PHAR 581 Adv Pharm Prac Exp Hospital (6)
    • PHAR 582 Adv Pharm Prac Exp Ambulatory (6)
    • PHAR 583 Adv Pharm Prac Exp Acute Med (6)
    • PHAR 584 Adv Pharm Prac Exp Elec I Clin (6)
    • PHAR 585 Adv Pharm Prac Exp Elec II (6)
    • PHAR 586 Adv Pharm Prac Exp Elec III (6)

Courses Taken by all PharmD Students: (2 Credits)

  • PHAR 555 Pharmacy Informatics and Tech (2)