Graduate Student Rights and Responsibilities

Policy on Academic Dishonesty

Graduate students are subject to the policies and procedures governing student conduct as described in the UH Hilo Student Conduct Code. This includes acts of academic dishonesty, including, but not limited to, plagiarism, cheating, and falsifying data. Students can find these policies in the Academic Dishonesty section of this Catalog.

Policy on Conduct Violations Other than Academic Dishonesty

Instances in which graduate students are alleged to have violated the UH Hilo Student Conduct Code in areas other than academic dishonesty will be handled following the procedures described in the Student Conduct Code. These procedures are described in the Student Conduct Code section of this catalog.

Conduct and Removal of Financial Support

All other recommendations to dismiss a student from the Graduate Division or one of its programs, or to break a student’s assistantship contract or to revoke a fellowship, tuition scholarship, or other source of financial support, are made to the VCAA, accompanied by appropriate documentation. The student will be informed of the basis for any such decision. The student may appeal the decision by using first the grievance procedure of the student’s program and then, if needed, the appeals procedures of the Graduate Council Grievance Committee. Action on a recommendation to remove support from or to dismiss a student in good academic standing will await the outcome of the grievance procedure.

Academic Complaints

The process for handling academic complaints by graduate students will follow the same general procedure as utilized for undergraduate students at UH Hilo. This procedure is outlined in the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo Student Academic Complaint Policy. The following exception is made for graduate students:

Under Part III (Procedures for the Resolution of Academic Complaints Filed During the Regular Academic Year) Letter B (Complaint of Academic Impropriety), for complaints relating to academic impropriety involving graduate students, the Dean shall refer the written complaint to the UH Hilo Graduate Council (Academic Complaints Committee) for timely review and recommendation (10 calendar days) before taking action.